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Impinging jet production of micro- and nanoparticles

Nanostructured particles with unique shape and biological function.

Simple smoke and soot scrubber

Sustainable solution to scrub soot and smoke

Bacterial builders

Trained bacteria can be engineered to build unique structures from cellulose nanofibers.

Tiny explosions

High-speed study of microscale explosions.

Sparse networks

Nature uses sparse networks and so does industry, both for their efficiency.

Thunderstorm asthma

High-priority study of the mechanism behind recent deaths caused by pollen ejected from a thunder cloud.

Arrested coalescence

If interfacial tension and elasticity are equal, liquid droplets form interconnected, complex structures.

Crystal comets

Spherical emulsion droplets can crystallize into huge ‘comet tails’.

Endoskeleton droplets

Droplets with internal viscoelastic structure can be molded into non-spherical shapes, like rods.

Film coatings

Nanofibers can be used to improve the efficiency of tissue and plant coatings.

Food foams

How does the growth of air bubbles in batter, dough, and ice cream build structure?

Food meltdown

Although simple, there is no accurate picture of structure in melting ice cream!

Gel collapse

Predicting separation of liquid products by gravity is hard and months are needed to ensure stability.

Liquid crystalline particles

Nanostructured particles with unique shape and biological function.

Microrheology of biofluids

Biological fluid flow in our joints, spine, veins, and sinuses significantly affects health. How can we study and such flows as a health diagnostic?

Rheology effects on tissue adhesion

Surgeons and biomedical engineers must be able to safely separate adhesive tissue without damage, how can fluids help?

Rheology fingerprinting

No single property describes the flow of skin cream and other complex fluids, a radical new ‘fingerprint’ test is needed.

Shape optimization

Nature uses shape many ways to alter cells’ function, how do we design complex shapes to similarly aid drug delivery?

Gross cleanup

Science predicts how to wash away food oil with soap, but not crude oil, mucus, or starchy foods.

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There’s a nice blog post from the Avasthi Lab on key points for students meeting their advisor. I agree with these points and refer you to the post here: They are quickly summarized here, but go read the more detailed ideas at the original post:. Use time wisely, bring an agenda of items you want to discuss Remind your advisor what was last discussed to get the discussion up to speed quickly.


Static image processing provides tremendous insights for a wide array of research areas. Analysis of phenomena that change with time is also possible when time-lapse imaging has been performed. There are many advantages to dynamic studies of this type. One is the ability to analyze things that happen over very short or very long time scales. Another is the study of motion. Taking this approach means we can use something as simple as a phone camera movie to develop a sophisticated and quantitative analysis.


UNSW library has a great many journal subscriptions you can use to access sources for your research. We often need to work with these sources when we are off-campus, but the library restricts access to those within its network. A proxy server allows us to be “within UNSW’s network” even when we are far from campus. Here’s how to use ours. Let’s say I need to download the colloidosome article below: You see the PDF link is greyed out and if I click on it will be told I don’t have access.


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