Impinging jet production of micro- and nanoparticles

Project summary

Recent engineering research has shown that nanoparticles of valuable materials like beta carotene can be produced by extremely simple but powerful mixers. The mixers slam two reacting fluid streams together so reactions produce tiny nanoparticles but are rapidly protected against aggregation. Because of the uniformity of mixing, the system can be used to design exotic particle properties and performance, but is also fully scaleable to industrial production levels. Despite its utility, the technique has never been used to produce liquid crystalline nanoparticles of the type used for drug and nutrient delivery.

Project objectives

  • Build a simple impinging jet mixer to carefully control micromixing time scales
  • Make particles with unique liquid crystalline structures and characterise their performance
  • Design the production of novel soft nanoparticles with shapes and structure controlled by highly nonequilibrium kinetic effects